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New Products Rainbow Bootlace Elastic Silicone No Tie Unisex Shoelaces For Kids,adult.
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Silicone no tie shoelaces is one of the products in our company. The material of our silicone no tie shoelaces is 100%BPA free food grade.The silicone no tie shoelaces of ours is totally non-toxic, and approved by FDA/ SGS/LFGB/CE. It is a kind of soft, nontoxic. So I’m sure our silicone no tie shoelaces is your best choice for you .We have engaged in silicone products for over 10 years, and international business for over 5 years.


1.FOOD GRADE silicone no tie shoelaces

2.Eco-friendly material,food grade shoelaces,BPA free shoelaces

3.unique shape & unbreakable body,easy to handle

4.good quality and competitive price

5.Carry out without leakage

Why choose our silicone shoelace ?
1. [MATERIAL]Made of 100% food grade silicone passed FDA,LFGB test, durable and flexible.
2. [NO NEED TO TIE] With these tieless shoelaces, you no longer have to worry about tripping over yourself at major competitions. Shape ends are stable easy to put in eyelets and hook up for connection. Whether walking, running or jumping, it won’t fall off.
3. [EXCELLENT FLEXIBILITY] The elastic shoelaces are made of standard silicone. This material is easy to stretch without deformation or damage. No tie shoelaces have 10 different sizes, according to your feet to change tightness, They provide excellent flexibility.
4. These tieless silicone shoelaces are waterproof and anti-stain. Even when walking in the snow or rain, they won’t easily get wet or stained. When the shoelaces are accidentally stained with water or dirty, just wipe them with a damp cloth or tissue and they will look brand new.
5.  Especially perfect for athletes and sports enthusiasts, or elderly people or those who suffer from arthritis who have a hard time tying shoelaces. Perfectly fits all shoes, such as sneaker, board shoes, casual shoes and so on.
6.  [COLORFUL STYLE]The colorful no tie shoelaces have many colors to choose from. It is time to change your silly regular laces put on these fashionable laces. It is the best choice for sports fans’ shoelaces.HC MYXD001
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