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In the golden autumn of October 2017,buyers from global resources will gather in Hong Kong Exhibition.

Our company is responsible for the personnel of silica gel exhibition to arrive at the venue one day ahead of schedule, and we will work hard to complete our responsibilities.

The elaborately designed booth is decorated with the focus of publicity and promotion of "Xiamen handschain silicone products to build a Chinese silica gel brand", which attracts a large number of silica gel exhibitors, and the event site atmosphere is warm.

(photo by staff and client)

(photo by staff and client)

(photo by staff and client)

There was a continuous stream of inquiries on the site, and  staff introduced silica gel supplies for interested consultants.

The number of consultation on the first day of  exhibition reached to hundreds.The 3-days exhibition successfully concluded with the careful organization and solidarity of the staff.

As one of the exhibitors of the silicone exhibition in China, we are committed to promoting the silicone products in the industry with the purpose of "all for customer service" and to create the international influence and recognition of Chinese brands.

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