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In April, we took part in the Global resources in Chinese gift show organized by the Hong Kong asiaworld-expo Asia (Global Sources Gifts & Premiums China Sourcing Fair - Hong Kong Asia World Expo - from 18 to 22 April)

in view of the company in the last year have similar exhibitions, and for the popular trend of gift industry to do research, and this is ready for the new design style with more experience to do exhibition in Hong Kong.

Through the exhibition booths for decorate meticulously, make new product at the scene of the convention and exhibition has attracted the attention of many buyers, in particular, the exhibition in Hong Kong, can have the opportunity to directly face to face about the guest's true intentions and some opinions for the development of the company products, we can better improve the product, makes the product more marketable, meet the needs of the guests.According to the customers' Suggestions on our products at the exhibition, I up the customers by email after my return, which all achieved good results.

The sales of products gradually open up, the company will continue to participate in this kind of large-scale exhibition, can directly face the merchants, better understand the customers' needs, develop and produce more suitable for the market sales of silicone customized gifts.
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