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Food grade silica gel refers to the silica gel that can contact with food, not edible silica gel.Silica gel is not edible, its stability is good, be digested very hard by human body.What we're talking about is food grade silica gel is when you come into contact with food and you don't have any toxic residue on the food.This requires that the silica gel is not toxic, and that it is stable and does not decompose the residue under certain conditions.The main inspection standards for food grade silicone are FDA and LFGB.
Solid silica gel mixtures can be vulcanized by adding curing agent. To achieve food grade, platinum curing agent should be used for vulcanization.With platinum vulcanizing agent, the silica gel mixed with general precipitation method can pass the food grade test in the United States, while the silica gel mixed with gas phase method has the chance to pass the LFGB test in Europe, and the FDA generally can pass.
Liquid injection-moulded silica gel is generally food grade, both FDA and LFGB can pass the test.The condensate silicone solidified at room temperature usually has organotin as catalyst, which does not meet the food grade standard.Other add shape liquid silica gel to want to see specific formula, see whether can achieve food grade standard.
Food grade silica gel is generally used in coffee pot, water heater, bread machine, disinfection cabinet, water dispenser, water kettle, hot pot, rice cooker, oil fryer, fruit pulp machine, burner, silica gel ice bar, pacifier and other products;In addition to food mold, chocolate mold, candy mold, cake mold and other food grade silicone.
Food grade silicone
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