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  • Silicone Tube

    Silicone Tube

    WHAT IS SILICONE TUBING Silicone tubing is manufactured from silicone rubber, an elastomer that has found sealing and gasketing work in many settings. Silicone rubber has several advantages other types of rubber. It has a high elongation and tear strength. It’s also resistant to high temperatures and fire. Its good range of properties means that silicone rubber is used in many products including undergarments, sportswear, footwear, electronics, medical devices and implants, cooking and baking supplies and in automotive products. Silicone tubing is manufactured from silicone rubber by an extrusion process, during which the rubber is commonly treated to improve some key attributes while, at the same time, maintaining many of the properties that makes silicone rubber so widely accepted. SILICONE TUBING FEATURES AND APPLICATIONS The tubing has good physical properties. It is flexible and can be stretched without tearing. This means that the material can be worked round and round without weakening. It is also easy to wrap up and store the tubing when it is not in use. The material is also clean and non-toxic, it is good for a broad range of temperatures and can handle sudden temperature changes. These properties make it desirable in a whole range of industrial and household applications. Silicone tubing has other properties too that make it suitable for certain specialist functions. The material often has a translucent quality, so is often used as industrial tubing for transporting food products and powders, while giving operators some visibility of the inside of the tube. Many kinds of silicone tubing are also non-toxic and odourless, so they won’t interact negatively with edible products that pass through. These tubes, which are wider than other tubes, can be used in a similar way in the medical sector. Silicone tubing has good chemical resistance too, which means that it is easy to clean and sterilise the tubes. Smaller sized tubes are often used as cable sleeving and other electronic applications because silicone tubing has good weather, UV, radiation and ozone resistance. SILICONE TUBING IN THE MEDICAL SECTOR Silicone tubing’s properties also make it useful in the medical sector. We have already seen that silicone tubing is tough and easy to clean and sterilise. These properties are understandably valued by medical practitioners. But one of the most important properties of silicone tubing from a medical standpoint is that it is biocompatible, meaning it is not harmful or toxic to living tissues and unlikely to yield an allergenic response. This makes silicone tubing a popular material for medical implants, catheters, drains, feeding tubes and other medical products where biocompatibility is a key requirement. Silicone tubing is vital for these devices, providing important sealing, gasketing and safe fluid transfer properties that are impossible with most other materials. Silicone tubing used in medical devices is usually of a higher grade. It is ...

  • Silicone Seal Products

    Silicone Seal Products

    Silicone sealing ring Silicone sealing ring is mainly used for waterproof sealing and preservation of daily necessities such as crisper, rice cooker, water dispenser, lunch box, heat preservation box, incubator, water cup, oven, magnetized cup, coffee pot and so on. density 1.1-1.12g/cm2 Elongation 600%-700% Elongation 400% Introduction specification It can be used for a long time in the temperature range of -60 degrees to +200 degrees. performance 1. It has excellent sealing performance and is waterproof. 2. The preservation effect is good, completely non-toxic and tasteless. 3. It can be heated under high temperature, no deformation, no harmful substances. 4. Good tensile strength performance, after special inspection and testing. 5. Long-term use does not fade yellow does not fade. 6. Corona resistance, arc resistance, high and low temperature resistance, good aging resistance, high temperature resistance, FDA and SGS standards. Advantages and disadvantages advantage Heat resistance: Silicone rubber has much better heat resistance than ordinary rubber. It can be used almost forever at 150° without performance change. It can be used continuously for 10,000 hours at 200° and for a period of time at 350°. . Widely used in applications requiring heat resistance, hot water bottle seals, pressure cooker ring heat-resistant handles. Cold resistance: ordinary rubber is late for -20°-30°, that is, silicone rubber still has good elasticity at -60°-70°, and some special formulated silicone rubber can withstand extremely low temperature, such as: low temperature. Sealing ring. Disadvantage Not recommended for use in most thick solvents, oils, thick acids and diluted sodium hydroxide. Silicone sealing material Silicone is increasingly favored by people for its environmental performance. To understand the knowledge of silicone products, you must start with silicone raw materials. 1. Silicone raw materials can be divided into ordinary silica gel and meteorological silica gel according to their performance. Ordinary silica gel Color: translucent, milky white, light yellow, gray, etc. Hardness: 30°, 40°, 50°, 60°, 70°, etc., commonly used between 40° and 70°. Density: 1.1-1.12g/cm2 Elongation: 400% Uses: The most used are low-end silicone products such as mobile phone buttons, miscellaneous pieces, conductive adhesives. Meteorological glue, also known as pure silica gel Color: transparent. Hardness: 30°, 40°, 50°, 60°, 70°, 80°, etc., commonly used between 40° and 60°. Features: Due to the transparency of this material, the tensile strength is strong. High cost Uses: Silicone tube, protective cover and other high-end products that require high elasticity. 2. The raw materials of silica gel can be divided into solid silica gel and liquid silica gel according to physical properties. Solid silica gel is mainly used for compression molded products. For example: silicone sleeve, silicone tableware, silicone buttons, etc., liquid silicone is mainly used for ext...

  • Silicone Gifts

    Silicone Gifts

    Silicone gift Silicone jewelry refers to the use of silicone rubber as a raw material to make use of the characteristics of silicone rubber raw materials to produce silicone jewelry. The essence of silicone jewelry is decoration. With the development of silicone jewelry, the function of silicone jewelry is more and more powerful, but can not cover up. Its appearance is beautiful and dazzling. Silicone gifts are a general term for some silicone products that are used as gifts for promotional purposes in silicone products. Silicone is made of 100% environmentally friendly silica gel, various silicone jewelry, silicone daily necessities, silicone electronic peripherals, silicone promotional gifts, silicone kitchenware. Common silicone promotional gifts include silicone bracelet, silicone watch, silicone mobile phone case, silicone key case, silicone coin purse, silicone glasses bag, silicone pad, silicone u disk, silicone cup cover, silicone jewelry, silicone ice tray, silicone cake mold , silicone sleeve, silicone doll, silicone electronic gifts, etc. Chinese name Silicone gift type Silicone gift collective name For example, silicone bracelet, silicone watch, silicone mobile phone case, service object, beauty female table of Contents 1 subject population 2 Features 3 Industry applications 4 Product Process 5 Influencing factors 6 performance 7 Market development Main population The main target of its service is Amy's women's silicone jewelry is divided into: small jewelry, storage jewelry, functional jewelry. The small jewelry is a simple silicone jewelry, which is characterized by its small size and beautiful appearance. Apart from the decoration, it has no other use, but it is very popular as a small gift for business printing. Common are: silicone bracelet, silicone bracelet, nameplate and so on. The storage accessory is the original intention of the packaging container, and the design is beautiful and the appearance is popular. These accessories are small and easy to carry, and are very popular among female consumers. Even many celebrities and celebrities have abandoned LV for it.  silicone business card holder, silicone cosmetic bag. Functional jewelry with electronic digital products as the carrier, mainly to protect the landscaping, easy to operate, this is a more targeted category, you need to customize silicone gifts with the development of the product is more and more strong, all kinds of exquisite The styling promoter is a popular trend, but the functionality is also an aspect that is valued. The better the product quality, the higher the cost performance. Mainly to] silicone mobile phone case b], tablet case, silicone U disk. Silicone watches are the mainstay. Silicone jewelry is a product that has gradually developed and become popular in recent years. Its advantages are always inseparable from the environmental protection and safety advantages of silicone raw materials. At the same time, the production process is more convenient ...

  • Organic silicone household items

    Organic silicone household items

    Organic silicone An organosilicon compound refers to a compound containing a Si-C bond and at least one organic group is directly bonded to a silicon atom, and a compound which connects an organic group to a silicon atom through oxygen, sulfur, nitrogen or the like is also conventionally used. Also used as an organosilicon compound. Among them, polysiloxanes composed of silicon-oxygen bonds (-Si-O-Si-) are the most widely studied and most widely used organosilicon compounds, accounting for more than 90% of the total dosage. Chinese name Organic silica gel According to the form of silane coupling agent According to the vulcanization method Silicone rubber can be divided into high temperature vulcanized organic silicon unique structure bond Si-C bond table of Contents 1 structure 2 Form classification 3 performance 4 Use of silicone 5 Classification of silicones 6 inorganic silica gel ▪ Introduction ▪ Product characteristics ▪ Use 7 Development prospects structure Silicone materials have a unique structure: (1) A sufficient methyl group on the Si atom shields the high energy polysiloxane backbone; (2) C-H is non-polar, making the intermolecular interaction force very weak; (3) The Si-O bond has a long length and a large Si-O-Si bond angle; (4) Si-O bond is a covalent bond with 50% ionic bond characteristics (covalent bond has directionality, ionic bond has no direction) Morphological classification Can be divided into: (silicone chemical reagents), silicone oil (silicone grease, silicon emulsion, silicon surfactant), high temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, liquid silicone rubber, silicone, composites and so on. (Hot vulcanized) silicone rubber and room temperature vulcanization (including low temperature vulcanization) silicone rubber two major categories. Due to its properties with organic materials, it has basic properties such as low surface tension, low viscosity coefficient, high compressibility and high gas permeability. It has high and low temperature resistance, electrical insulation, oxidation resistance, weather resistance, flame retardancy and water repellency. Excellent resistance to corrosion, non-toxic, tasteless and physiologically inert. It is widely used in aerospace, electrical and electronic, construction, transportation, chemical, textile, food, light industry, medical and other industries. Silicone is mainly used for sealing and bonding. Lubrication, coating, surface activity, demoulding, defoaming, foam suppression, waterproof, moisture proof, inert filling, etc. With the continuous growth of the number and variety of organic silicon, the application field has been continuously expanded to form an important product system unique to the chemical new materials industry. Many varieties are indispensable and indispensable for other chemicals. performance The basic structural unit of the organosilicone product is composed of silicon-oxygen chain links, and the side chains are connected to various other organic groups through s...

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